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When my wife and I bought our house it required a total renovation, and this daunting feeling settled in on the monstrous amount of work required. I was introduced to Jay, who from the offset was a fun loving builder full of creativity and everything felt possible, as he was so solution based. Jay and his team, were my knights in shining armour which came to my renovation project at my house, took the bulls by its horns and completed my project within 6 months as promised to an exceptional high specification and finish. Every guest which has come to visit us in our home has complemented the beautiful transformation Saw Building have achieved, and have been surprised how fast he has managed to complete this project. I urge anyone if you want a renovation which is stress free and enjoyable, Jay and his team are the ones you want, as they brought our vision to life in form of an elegant warm home.

Many thanks to Saw Building


Monali & Treon